Full Moon Retreat Weekend

So let me tell you a little bit more about this years retreat 

I am so passionate about the power in the moon cycle, we are literally given an opportunity every 23 ish days to reflect , release and pour healing in to our lives.

This weekend has been created to do just that , we shall celebrate the moon in all her glory , we will take part in workshops , journaling, movement and meditation to allow ourselves to drop in to the space and to ask ourselves the important questions … what do we need to let go of to create the spaces for what we desire .

Saturday will culminate up to the full moon fireside ritual .

After the release we need to take some time out so Sunday will be a place for healing , cacao , reiki, crystals and that space we all need a desire.

Amongst all of this you will enjoy good wholesome vegetarian meals , drink moon milk , chat with likeminded people and find space for yourself amongst the beautiful Devonshire countryside.

Importantly is doesn’t matter if you a seasoned moon lover or this is your first experience, I will hold you and guide you to exactly where you need to be.

The investment is £469 includes all food , accommodation and workshops

Cacao Ceremony

I invite you to my home to sit in circle with other beautiful souls;

  • Take a moment to see what has been coming up for you this month, what is holding you back?
  • Feel safe in a sacred space, almost forgetting life outside the circle.
  • Create beautiful intentions for your ceremony.
  • Invite the spirit of cacao into your space, allow her to open your heart chakra and to pour in magical healing and share her guidance.

Coming Soon in North Cornwall


Full Moon Ritual & Ceremony

Join a sacred circle of likeminded souls to celebrate each full moon. 

The full moon is such an important time in your journey , as we are able to lean in, dig deep and release the things that no longer serve us. 

It is a beautiful, powerful and transformation experience. 

Everyone will benefit from this ritual be it your first time or as a seasoned moon lover. 

£8 Coming soon in North Cornwall 

Living by the Moon Workshop

It's time to choose to leave the hustle and stress behind , say NO to this burn out culture we have allowed to become the "norm" 

By embracing the power of the moons cycle you truly can manifest the life of your dreams . 

I am living  my proof that if you believe it enough and trust the universe to deliver , you can have whatever you want!  

Come with me in a journey to self discovery , find you power , understand that there is a time to rest and a time to take action. Manifest what you want and release what no longer serves you.