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  1. Lessons found in an old handbag


    Today I was hunting for a receipt for my accountant, the usual January panicked hunt whilst I promise myself repeatedly that I will be better organised ready for next year…. A promise broken every year for the last five … but hey there is always next year!


    Anyway, an irrelevant point really, as what called me to write this today was not my lack of accounting skills or my chaotic attempt at paperwork but the wisdom and tales, I found inside one of my many handbags.


    This discovery may resonate with some of you and for others an amusing insight in too the life of someone who tries to be many things and somewhere along the way, may have forgotten exactly who she is.


    This handbag, a large tan faux leather shoulder bag, is suggestive of three vastly different owners. One I think I “should” be, one I try hard not to be and the last a snippet of my soul.HANDBAG



    It’s time to leave


    As my work focuses around love & healing it feels important to acknowledge that before some of that work can happen you need to leave, sometimes difficult and dangerous situations.  You can’t be or create the best version of yourself if you remain in relationships that are detrimental, toxic and abusive. 

    I write this to you as both a healer but also an ex detective who specialised for many years in cases of domestic abuse and child protection. This gives me the important safety knowledge I need to express, its not just as easy as packing your bags and walking out the door.